Monday, December 10, 2012

Busy times

As always right before the holidays, this has been a very full week.  Last week I got busy weaving in preparation for the Studio Holiday Market and got quite a bit done.  One project I worked on was a beautiful white/off white woven shawl.  Since I'd been playing with the hand manipulated techniques for the rigid heddle course, I decided to add some Brooks Bouquet to this piece and was very pleased with the results.  Here's a detail right off the loom, but before wet finishing.

I think the hand manipulated structures are more appealing to me since I've used them frequently on the rigid heddle loom.  Always before, they seemed unnatural in my weaving as I was only used to production style weaving, not taking the time to investigate a more "detailed" process.  But lately I've been enjoying not only the final look, but the process as well.

The Studio Holiday Market was quite a success and many new people discovered the Art Center.  Santa led a parade from the tree lighting at the Chamber of Commerce to the Studios, then kids could have their pictures taken with him on the courtyard outside my studio.  It was great!  We had beautiful stars for sale as well and they were lit up all around the patio, creating such a festive environment.

Yesterday I went to Newtons in Anaheim to teach.  It was the second session in the "make a vest from you stash yarns" using the rigid heddle loom.  What fun!  Everyone's fabrics turned out so well and it was a pleasure to see them.  I'm looking forward to seeing the completed projects.  The group is talking about taking the train up to the studio to visit in early January and all wearing their vests.  That will be a real treat!

Today I finished weaving the fabric for a ruana in black sparkles that has been on the loom for quite a while.  And I wove 5 rayon/silk scarves.  Back to the loom tomorrow....

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