Wednesday, December 26, 2012


For the first time I'm writing the blog on my ipad instead of my computer so I'm not sure how the format will look. Well, I guess I won't know till I try it and look at it, right?

The past couple of weeks have flown by and I'm not sure where all the time went. I spent a week in Ohio visiting my sister and family. What Fun! It was lovely to hang out and relax, just enjoying time with the family. The week prior to that I was on overload trying to get my weaving projects finished before leaving. I was able to finish 6 scarf orders and 3 garment orders during that last few days before flying east. I met the deadlines, but just barely. (Three hours sleep the night before flying out.) I'm never sure if I delay too long to begin any final push before a deadline or if I schedule too much. No matter what though I always am right up to the deadline....

So now that Christmas is past and I'm getting back to work, I am excited about many of the projects I'm working on.

The Craftsy course is coming out just after the first of the year, so that's in a week or so! I've been reviewing it, and they did a great job! Even the areas where I know I tripped over my words came out looking smooth. What great editors! I got a package of postcards for the course... I'm very excited about being able to reach so many students through Craftsy and am so happy for the opportunity.

Meanwhile, I'm working on several new patterns and some samples using new yarns. I just received a box of wonderful yarns I get to work up swatches for. They'll be used at TNNA for the Great Wall of Yarn. I'm very pleased that weaving swatches are included with all the knitted and crocheted ones. Aren't these luscious?

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