Friday, October 5, 2012

Log Cabin

Today I've been weaving some samples for my upcoming Craftsy classes. I'm  using Tahki Stacy Charles wonderful mercerized Cotton Classic for the log cabin pattern. It gives great definition to the pattern. 

This sample is using the same 2 colors for both warp and weft to make even sized blocks.

This sample is on the same warp, but I used 2 different colors for the weft.  It really makes a different pattern.

These samples are helping me decide what pattern and colors to use for a project for the class.  It's such fun to work on things to see how they come out.     It will be nice to see how these look off the loom and washed... perhaps in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Karen Tyner stopped by the studio this afternoon and shared the scarf she wove from the Stashbuster class I taught at the Ventura County Handweavers Guild a couple of weeks ago.

Karen's happy because she's finally a weaver!

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