Sunday, October 28, 2012

Studio Time

Today was a productive studio day.  I got a new warp tied on the big loom.  It's 48" wide on the loom and 5 1/2 yards long.  It's a mixture of wool stripes and rayon chenille stripes and will be a felted/puckered effect when it's completed.  It was good to get it tied on and all straightened out.  Here it is going on the loom - 

And a little more straightened out...

I was so tired when I left the studio, I forgot to take another picture of it all neatly tied on, waste yarn in to even the threads out, and ready for me to weave on tomorrow.

My plan is to get it woven in the next couple of days so I can take it off, put it in the washer to lightly felt the wool, and have it finished by the middle of the week.  That's the plan anyway.  I want to have it ready for the exhibit at Fox in Ventura that opens on Saturday, November 10.

Later this week I'll be showing at the Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica which is always a really beautiful show with around 250 artists.  It's a great place to start holiday shopping, but frankly it's been way too hot with the Santa Ana winds blowing to think about holidays.  Well, at least here in the west we don't have to worry about torrential rains and flooding.

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