Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home again

Last night I got back to California.  In Ohio it was cold, but clear and bright.  Here at home it's cool, grey and raining.  But I'm glad to be home as this was not a trip for fun, but to take care of some loose ends I'd rather not deal with.  However, I did get to spend some time in a historic building and took a couple of pictures of it.  The ceiling in one area was open to  skylights above. An upper floor with balconies opened to this atrium area as well.  I'm posting two different views as I found it very beautiful.

Then I spied this gorgeous cabinet.

I wondered what was in all the drawers, if anything.  Of course I thought about all the weaving tools, sample pieces, scissors, needles, etc. that would fit perfectly in those little drawers.  If I'd been more bold, I would have checked it out, opening and closing different drawers to see inside.  But I didn't and so now I'll just have to speculate.....

This weekend is the Designing Weavers Show and Sale in Sierra Madre.  I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends, fellow weavers, and supporters.  This is a yearly event that I really enjoy - a time to show off new work, see what my colleagues have made, and enjoy time chatting with everyone that comes by.  What could be a better job than hanging out with other weavers and people that are interested in weaving?

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