Tuesday, November 13, 2012

keeping busy

This morning I'm at LAX getting ready for a quick trip to Ohio.  It's always interesting at the airport, especially this early in the morning as most everyone is still a bit asleep and kind of walking around in a daze.   The one good thing about flying this early is that there aren't the usual large crowds everywhere.  And this morning I found my sunglasses which were misplaced and missing for over a week.  Happy day!

The past week was a very busy one.  My last post was a week ago after hanging the exhibit at Fox in Ventura.  The show is beautiful and I especially like my fiber pieces hanging on the brick wall.  When I was making those pieces I knew they'd be on the brick, but didn't realize I'd like them so much better on that than on a white wall.  Interesting.  I think the texture of the brick adds something visually to the texture of the fiber.  Anyway, I'm pleased.  Here's an image of the opening with some of my work in the background.

It was a fun evening and a real pleasure to see so many of my friends, students, and fellow artists.  Thanks to everyone that came!

The next morning, Sunday, I made an early trip to Anaheim to teach at Newtons Yarn Country.  The class was on making the stash vest that was in the September/October issue of Handwoven magazine.  It's always so much fun to go around the room to see what each person brought from their stash, talk about which yarns to put together, then see how they look on the loom.  This is a two part class.  In this session we discussed size, planning the project, yarns to use and everyone got their loom warped.  During the next month, they'll weave the fabric and then in December class, we'll put the pieces together so everyone has their garment.  All the warps were just gorgeous and I can't wait to see the woven fabric next month.  Here's is one warp using lots of ribbon and ladder yarns.

Then on Monday, I spent the day packing up all the looms I'll be using during the shoot for the Craftsy class.  What a production!  The studio looked kind of like a bomb went off as there were looms, samples, yarn, and various tools all over the place.

What a mess it was.  However, thanks to the help of my wonderful studio mate Arlene, I finally got everything into 4 large boxes and my husband will get them shipped off to Colorado today.  The process for developing this Craftsy course has been quite a journey.  Only now that all the samples are finished and everything is packed and sent on its way, can I start to get excited about the actual experience of shooting the course.  The thing that is so awesome is the potential for reaching so many students.  Being able to share my love of weaving by teaching it is always satisfying, so the capability to reach out over the internet via Craftsy is so cool.  This week while I'm in Ohio I'll be able to fine tune some of the written materials that go along with the course.  

Well, the flight will be boarding soon and the airport is waking up a bit - more people bustling about - so I must turn off my computer.

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This is Jim Moore. I'm alive and living in South Carolina. Even though we haven't seen each other in over 40 years, I think about you a lot, wondering what you're up to and how you're doing. After finding your websites, I now have a pretty good idea.