Saturday, November 24, 2012


Sunday I'm traveling again - on my way to Denver to begin the experience.  When I travel to teach I must take a lot of stuff.  Samples, yarn, weaving tools, papers, and of course the right clothes.  All of this generally requires a large suitcase. Since the wheels are falling off my current large suitcase I decided to get a new one.  On my way home from the studio I go by a Ross.  And even though it's Black Friday and I would normally avoid any shopping, it didn't look crowded so I stopped in to see what they had.  As I looked at the rows of suitcases, I thought about all the times I'm at baggage claim and envy the folks who have something other than the usual black bag.  They can spot theirs right away and don't need to check the tag to make sure they have the right one.  So when I spotted a magenta bag, I knew it was meant for me!

I certainly don't think I'll have trouble recognizing my bag now.  

Oh!  Check out this article in the Ventura County Star about the exhibit at Fox in Ventura...

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